24 Video Gaming Facts

There are lots of cool video game facts, some are common and others are not so known so today we are putting together a list of our favorite game facts!

1) Playing Games Improves learning capabilities

A new research study shows that playing action video games improves students learning capabilities.  When students play video games, the difficulty level increases gradually and teach you to think strategically.

Your brain tries to find patterns, which strengthens it.

2) Kindergarten Cop In Silent Hill

In Silent Hill 1 the school was actually based off the school from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Kindergarten Cop.

2) The PlayStation Is Atari

The PlayStation2 design is based off an antiquated Atari computer design (the Falcon-030 Microbox). When Atari went out of business, Sony acquired the rights to the patents of the design.

3) Zelda’s Lullaby

The main theme song for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is actually Zelda’s lullaby played in reverse.

4) Mario Creators Got Lazy?

The clouds and the bushes in Super Mario Bros have the same sprite just in different colors. Check out also this post on how to best set up a gaming computer.

5) No Gordon Freeman

In Half-Life, Gordon Freeman wasn’t the original protagonist in early versions the game had players taking on the role of “Ivan the Space Biker” but later this was changed.

6) Towers

On the PlayStation2 startup screen the uneven white towers that showed actually represent games and the more games you have played, the more towers and the longer you have played a game the higher the tower.

7) Nintendo Add-on

Initially, Sony planned its PlayStation as an add-on in a CD-ROM version of the company’s Super Nintendo. For some advice on how to set up your dual monitor computer desk, check out this page.

8) PacMan Was Invented By Pizza!

PacMan was an invention of designer Toru Iwatani. He got the idea when he was eating a pizza.

9) New Identity And Career Change

In the initial Arcade Donkey Kong version, Mario was referred to as jump man and he wasn’t a plumber, he was a carpenter.


The highest-ever grossing video game (of all time!) is actually World of WarCraft which has brought in over 10 billion dollars over the game’s lifetime.

11) Dial-Up Though

The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to have online play which was done over a phone line and the system was called Sega Net.

12) Mmmm Pizza And games!

The creator of Atari also created Chuck E. Cheese as a way to get kids to play Atari video games. When gaming, pay attention to the chair you’re sitting on! Not every office chair is fit for gaming!

13) The Red One

The PacMan ghost, Blinky is programmed to move faster when there are a set number of pellets left. 20 on level 1 and going up by 10 each level until being at full speed when the level starts.

14) Change That Name

In the original “The Legend of Zelda” if you name yourself Zelda instead of Link you can skip the first quest entirely.

15) Arbok – Kobra?

In Pokemon, Arbok has different markings on its skin depending on the region. Did this game ever leave you in awe?

16) Mr. M. Mario and L. Mario

The Mario brothers are not having a family name. It’s just Mario and Luigi, not Luigi Mario or  Mario Mario despite popular belief.

17) He’s Not Just For Cleaning!

In the 60s, one of the janitors at the Nintendo plant created the Game Boy. The man was stimulated to come up with new products and toys for Nintendo and his creativity gave way to some of Nintendo’s greatest successes including the Game Boy, Donkey Kong, and Metroid.

18) Is it Still A Box?

The original name of the Xbox was DirectX Box after the DirectX graphics technology that was used in the system but was later shortened to just Xbox. .

19) Roaming Around At The Speed Of Sound!

According to the original Sonic Games, Robotnik is actually faster than Sonic in a leg race.

20) F****

Mafia II holds the record for saying the F word the most in a game.

21) Easy Peasy!

Cheat codes were actually made to make game testing easier as Playtesters had to rigorously test the mechanics of a game thus cheat codes were made to make this process easier.

22) You Know This Better Than Your Phone Number

The most popular cheat code is the Konami code which is up,  up,  down,  down,  left,  right,  leftrightBA.  The Konami code is known as the gamers code and is present in most of the Konami games.


Mortal Kombat inspired the modern day game violence rating system.

24) You Are Under Arrest

In New Zealand, it is illegal to carry a copy of Manhunt and you can face criminal charges in doing so. Do you have any interesting game facts we may have missed? Please let us know!

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