Der Eisendrache – Wrath of the Ancients

Der Eisendrache – Wrath of the Ancients is a very powerful Wonder Weapon and it is a bow that begins with sixty arrows. Let’s see what steps are involved in obtaining Wrath of the Ancients. You may also upgrade The Wrath of the Ancients to four different variations.

Der Eisendrache – The Locations of Ancient Bows

The Wrath of the Ancient consists of bones and this “Wonder Weapon” has the capacity to fire away arrows with flamed tips. The bow comes with a capacity of sixty arrows that you can also charge before firing when you hold the trigger button.

Against Panzer Soldat, the bow is highly useful thanks to the splash damage when you have charged the arrow. A charged arrow causes just as much damage as when you hit directly with a shot that’s uncharged, but only with a reduced damage radius. Charged shots explode upon impact and cause damage to nearby zombies as well.

A charged arrow’s explosion doesn’t affect the user which makes the bow highly efficient. Additionally, when the bow is used, stabbing has replaced the melee attack rather than using knives.

How can you find the Wrath of the Ancients?

To acquire your bow, you first must find three stone dragons on your map and do on with killing the undead in the surrounding area until your stone dragons will come alive, which is indicated by little serpents and audio clues. Check out also this Bow Tutorial:

When you have done this with all three stone dragons, go ahead to the Knight’s Tomb to get hold of the bow.  So when you’ve killed enough undead in the area of a dragon, little serpents will start filling up and there’ll be audio clues that will tell you that the dragon is entirely fed. Let’s see where you can find the three dragons:

Stone Dragon One – This first dragon can be found pretty easily. First, go through the door on the right from the start and go on to the Castle Courtyard. When you get there, you should be reaching the top of that area and spot your first stone dragon on the left.

Stone Dragon Two – You can find your 2nd stone dragon in the looking area of the research lab that has those golden equipment pieces. To find this stone dragon, go to the Teleporter Machine situated near the Power Switch and the Death Ray trap and continue down the stairs and go through the door to enter the area of the research lab.

Stone Dragon Three – You can find your last stone dragon in the Undercroft area. Here is a large pyramid. To get there, go to the Perk-a-Cola machine and continue down the tunnel that’s next to it. Go down this path until you’ve reached the pyramid area where you’ll find your dragon nearby.

In conclusion, you can find Stone Dragon Number One at the castle courtyard’s top; Stone Dragon Number Two is located within the Research Lab area; Stone Dragon Number Three is found next to the pyramid.

When you’ve found the bow, you can upgrade it into 4 separate bows that all have their own specific qualifications. These four bows come with different styles and are varied in their shots. These 4 upgraded bows are called Demon Gate, Wolf Howl, Storm, and Rune Prison. Check also: Der Eisendrache – How to get the Void Bow

Upgrades – the Lightning Bow

The Lightning Bow, pretty similar to the Wrath of the Ancient originals, is also referred to as Kreema’ahm la Ahmahm, yet it has some extra features. Another nickname for the bow is Storm and its color is blue, just like a lightning bolt.

Its ammunition capacity is 75 arrows, 15 more than the capacity of the original bow. It can shoot both single arrows and charged arrows (that takes two arrows). It takes a while to charge the shot and when fired, it strikes lightning blows to the nearby zombies and the zombies in extension.

Let’s check out some steps to complete the Lightning Bow upgrade:

Shoot the Wind Vane – First, you must activate the Death Ray trap and then finding the wind vane close by. You need to shoot it after which it will drop a purple item. Now you must pick this purple item up, but do that only after the Death Ray trap was deactivated.

Lightning Bonfires – The following thing you must do is lighting three bonfires that are scattered outside your map. The three bonfires can be found at the spawn area’s right-hand side (over the ledge); At the Clock Tower’s right-hand side (close to the Death Ray trap); and at the right-hand side of the area of the Rocket Pad. This all will complete an important step in your quest.

Standing on Symbols – For completing this step, go to the area of the pyramid (Undercroft) and step across the five blue icons that are in the room without touching the ground once. Here, you’ll have to apply all of your wall-running, anti-gravity skills.

Charging Electrical Vases – You’ll find three electrical vases that are scattered around your map. You’ll have to charge these vases by killing the undead in the vicinity. You will need some 6 to 7 dead zombies for fully charging a vase.

When you have fully charged a vase, draw out Wrath of the Ancients and charge an arrow. You need to bring it close to the vase so that your arrow’s tip gets electrified, without actually firing your arrow.

Now you should move to a burning bonfire location and fire your charged arrow right at the bonfire. You’ll have to do this 3 times to deal with all vases and bonfires.

Let’s check out again where you’ll find the locations of the vases: in the room at the Death Ray trap’s left-hand side; In the area of the Rocket Pad, opposite the Teleporter Machine; and in a corner in the Clock Tower.

Upgrading your Bow – When you’ve completed all of these steps, you must pick up your upgraded bow close to the Death Ray trap to place it on a chest that’s found close to the large pyramid. Once you’ve done that, you need to kill some 10 to 15 undead in that area and you’re all set.

The Wolf Bow

Another upgrade of the Wrath of the Ancient is the Wolf Bow, also referred to as Kreeholo lu Kreemasaleet. This bow comes with a stunning array of colors that starts off with greenish-yellowish in the bow’s center where the arrow is located and turning orange at the bow’s tips.

The Wolf Howl (nickname for the Wolf bow) can shoot charged as well as uncharged shots. An uncharged shot will slow down nearby zombies when they’re hit whereas charged shots will cause wolves to slow down and inflict damage on many zombies.

If you want a Wolf Bow upgrade for Wrath of the Ancients, completing the following steps are required:

You need to interact with Paintings in the right order. First, you must be interacting with four paintings around your map. Please note that you need to do this in random order.  If you’ll hear a wolf howl, you know you’ve done it in the correct order. If you hear a buzzer, you know you have messed up.

When you’ve completed this, go to the pyramid’s backside to get hold of the quest item. You can find the paintings’ locations in the Clock Tower and the Research Lab, close to Samantha’s Room, and at the Clock Tower’s Lower Area

Shoot the Red Flag
To complete this step, you must go to the area of the Rocket Pad. To find the red flag, you should check out your upper-right-hand side and face the rocket. To complete this step, you must shoot the red flag and pick a skull.

Feed the Ghostly Wolf
When you’ve acquired the skull, bring it into the pyramid room and put it on the chest so you can summon a ghostly wolf. To complete this step, follow the ghostly wolf across the map while continually killing the undead and feeding the wolf.

Time for a Skillshot
When you have completely fed the ghostly wolf, you’ll see a wall with above it a  hole. Run around the hole that’s in the wall and start shooting the wolf heads across the room. When you’ve done this correctly, a tiny platform will come up at the hole where you can stand. From the skeleton, you can retrieve a forged arrow.

Upgrade the Bow
Now you must take this forged arrow to the chest in the pyramid area and kill some 20 undead in that area to be able to fully charge and pick up the bow.

The Fire Bow

The Fire Bow is one more useful and nice Wrath of the Ancients’ upgrades. This Bow is also referred to as the Kreeaho’ahm nal Ahmhogaroc. The Fire Bow has been forged out of fires and is glowing as such. It seems like its arches are cast from magma while the rest of its body, including the arrow, seems like frozen lava on a volcano. The nickname of this bow is the Demon Gate.

If you want to get this upgrade, you must complete these steps:

Shooting the Wall
First, go to the Bell Tower’s first floor and shoot an arrow at the wall in the red circle. The wall will crack and you can pick an item for the upgrade and start the quest.

Heading to the Rocket Launch Area
Go to the Rocket Launch area. Wait until the test inside is completed and the huge doors reopen. To complete this step, go outside and start shooting the fire-orb with your bow. On the map, you’ll see three ritual circles appear.

Shoot & Charge the Three Ritual Circles
When these ritual circles have appeared on your map, use the launch pads to go mid-air and fire an arrow at the ritual circles to activate them. You can find the three ritual circles here:

  • Next to the Bell Tower on the right-hand side
  • Right up the Death Ray’s front
  • Right up the Double Tap’s front

When you’ve done that, you must kill the zombies in the area around the ritual circles to charge them.

Reveal the Symbol & Shoot the Fireplace
When you’ve charged all three ritual circles, go to the front of the Bell Tower (from here you picked your upgrade item), and start interacting with the machine so an apothicon symbol will be revealed.

To complete this step, you must find the fireplace that has the same apothicon symbol and then shoot it. The fireplace is located in the research Lab, in Eddie’s room, or in the room located near the Double Tap.

Kill a Zombie Under a Fireball
To deal with this step, check out the Death Ray trap. Here, you’ll see a fire-orb that floats in the air. Just lure one of the zombies under this fire-orb and kill the zombie with an arrow. This will make that the fire-orb will be exploding and dropping a fire arrow.

Just like with the other upgrades, you’ll have to bring this fire arrow to the chest located near the pyramid, kill zombies to charge it, and pick up your upgraded bow.

The Shadow Bow

One more upgrade of the Wrath of the Ancients is the Shadow Bow. This bow is purple-colored and has a same-colored flame that emanates from the arrow’s tip. Just like the original bow, the Shadow Bow can shoot charged as well as uncharged shots.

Uncharged shots inflict massive damage upon nearby zombies whereas charged shots create purple areas of reckoning in which all zombies will be killed immediately. Then, souls will be emanating from that area to claim all other nearby zombies. You can very well use this shot if you need to escape from a hoarding group of zombies. The nickname of this bow is Demon Gate.

If you want to upgrade your Wrath of the Ancients to the Shadow Bow, the following steps must be completed:

Pick up your Upgrade Item
When you want to pick up the upgraded item, go to the courtyard’s 2nd floor and enter the room at the Wundersphere. When you’re inside, shoot the purple symbol located on the wall with one of your arrows. Then, pick up your upgrade item at the Gobblegum Machine’s right-hand side.

Pick up the Vase
To complete this step, go to the Bell Tower lower level and kill one of the zombies with your bow. A vase will pop out from the ground that you can pick up.

Find & Pick up Skulls
To complete this step, you’ll have to locate and pick up all six skulls that are scattered around your map. You can find the skulls here:

  • At the Courtyard’s Upper Floor
  • Right next to the Double Tap
  • Right next to the Mule-Kick
  • In Samantha’s Box
  • In the Sink in the Teleporter Area
  • On the Truck’s Backside

Floor Crawlers
For completion of this step, you must go back to the area where you received your vase. When you’ve drawn six crawlers, shoot the vase. Then, go to the area of the Death Ray trap, kill the zombies and pick up the purple items.

When you’ve picked up the purple items, go to the knight statues located inside the armory and put the purple items inside these knights.

Shoot the Symbols
Again, you’ll have to go back to the Courtyard’s lower level. Use your bow to shoot the symbols located on the floor in line with the words you heard as you were drawing your crawlers. When you see the forged arrow, bring it to the chest located near the pyramid. Then charge the arrow and pick up the upgraded bow. You see, Gaming Consoles have come a long way… Who knows what’s in store. I’ll keep you posted!