Why Choose Onsego for GED Prep

Gaming is a favorite hobby of many high school students. But the downside is that all too often, they get hooked up to gaming a bit too much and that their study results are affected.

So for all those students that got into trouble with graduating from high school, there’s often no other choice but to attend a high school completion program or get hold of their high school equivalency diplomas later on if they want to go to college or qualify for job advancement.

To help these students, we checked out a number of online GED® prep courses, and here’s what we found. The most accessible and affordable online GED preparatory course is offered by Onsego.

Onsego was earlier named Covcel GED Prep, but during the pandemic, there was much confusion about the name and its possible relation to Covid, so they changed the name to Onsego.

First of all, Onsego is recognized by the GED Testing Service (the provider of the GED test) as being entirely aligned with the most recent version of the GED test.

There are just 20 GED prep courses that can carry this predicate, so you can be sure you’re not wasting your money or time.

The Onsego course includes small video lessons that cover all GED subject material in bite-sized units, and you can buy one of the four GED subjects as a stand-alone course or the entire GED material.


Affordability is one of Onsego’s definite pros. You can buy one subject course for just $29 or the entire GED course for $79, and you’ll have access to all lessons right away.

There’s no need to follow a pre-determined learning path. You can go over every GED subject as you please and as many times as you want,

So if you wish, you can purchase just one GED subject at a time, and you’ll get 6 months of unlimited access. All classes are video-based, and there’s lots of support from committed instructors.

Having unlimited access to all subject material means you can review lessons or practice tests anytime you want and watch all lessons again on-demand.

Complete GED Prep

The Onsego GED prep course covers all topics of the four independent GED subject tests: Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts.

Complicated and challenging GED concepts are explained in a very easy-to-understand way and in small portions, so you won’t get overwhelmed. So if you made money with gaming but your school results dropped, don’t panic; you still can earn your GED!

The Onsego course is divided into modules that include lessons covering one GED topic at a time. After each lesson, there’s a small quiz to see if you understand the topic.

After each module, there’s a more extensive practice test that indicates whether you master the subject material addressed in that module. If you need to, you can restart that module and improve your score.

Sample Questions

The course comes with over 4000 sample questions, and all questions include explanations so you can learn all about the things you missed. We check out GED online courses in the same way we review games.

Onsego’s GED prep course additionally includes a progress-tracking system and offers free bonuses that no other GED prep course offers. There’s a very useful quitting-protection course to prevent you from giving up learning.

At Onsego, they know that building up confidence is the key to success, so they help you get all set for the GED exam with less effort. They realize that success on the GED test depends on your motivation to learn and confidence in your performance.

Therefore, the Onsego course is based on the idea of small steps to keep you engaged and help you achieve your objectives faster.

GED Scientific Calculator Course

What’s also a great and free bonus if you buy the entire GED course is the GED Scientific Calculator course. On the GED Science and Social Studies sub-exams and on the second part of the Math sub-exam, you are allowed to use the Texas Instruments TI-30XS calculator.

Students that learn how to use this calculator effectively will (also if they don’t get Math at all) still be able to reach passing scores on the GED Math test! It’s just a matter of learning how to work with this powerful machine in the right way.

If you take the GED exam at a test center, you can bring your own calculator, but only the TI-30XS is allowed. If you take the GED exam online, you’ll have an on-screen version that works in the same way as the physical device.

The Onsego GED Course comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with the course, your money will be refunded. No questions asked. Isn’t that something?