VITA – The perfect all-digital machine

I’ve had a PlayStation Vita for some time now and I can honestly say that my time with it has been great. From Freedom Wars to Gravity Rush, and everything in between, I’ve been loving every second I have spent with it. All this time with it has uncovered something I’ve never thought I’d say. The Vita is a damn good, near-perfect, purely digital machine. So let’s take a better look at the VITA – The perfect all-digital machine.

When I first got my Vita, I had about 6 months of digital games built up from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. I figured with all these games, jumping in on the Vita was well worth it and I was right.

I have sung the praises of the Vita on many occasions and I don’t want this piece to be about that. Collecting all of these digital titles have shown me how much going strictly digital benefits the Vita. When I travel, I don’t have to worry about bringing a collection of game cases, or even a game card holder.

Even when I’m on the bus, or waiting outside of my class for it to start, having these games at my fingertips ready to launch at any time is just perfect. This has really made me never want to buy a physical game for my Vita again and I don’t see myself doing so in the future. It’s time to say goodbye to old gen stuff, isn’t it?

Yes, the memory cards are expensive, but I have a 32 GB one and it’s serving me perfect. When I’m done with a game, or simply don’t like it, I just delete it from the card. It will always be available to download again int he future, so this method doesn’t bother me at all.

This “revelation” has made me appreciate the Vita more as a handheld and has expanded where I game at. For me, the Nintendo 3DS was more of a sit down at home handheld, whereas the Vita really thrives with games on the go, that you can play in small little chunks and still love a bunch. Just look at titles like Luftrausers, OlliOlli2, Unit 13 and Rogue Legacy. All games that shine in small bursts and all titles that are right at home on the PlayStation Vita.

As time goes on, I  can’t wait to see what the Vita has in store for us gamers. I’ve grown to love it and the fact that its ability to be strictly digital makes it the best handheld I’ve owned to date. Better even than anything my friends have, and that’s quite something.