Unicorn Priest – Everything You Need to Know

I LOVE games!!! Hearthstone (Heroes of Warcraft) is a card game in a logical order. The game is based on a micro-payment free-to-play system. The main idea of Hearthstone to play against other players online. So let’s check out Unicorn Priest – everything you need to know.

The rules and ideas of the game are similar to those of other card games like Magic: The Gathering. The game is developed in line with the “World of Azeroth”, a famous series of strategies Warcraft (MMORPG World of Warcraft).

Players can choose one out of nine available character classes in this online universe, and then play the cards from their deck one by one. The effect of this is throwing spells (special abilities or weapons), or summon allies.

The basic rules of Hearthstone are pretty simple to learn and players don’t need to be experts who know the ins and outs that are associated with the universe of Warcraft or some other online card games.

Players also have the opportunity to participate in training battles where the opponents are the strategists from the world of Azeroth, such as Uther, Thrall, and Gul’dan, and similar to finding Void Bow Skull locations in Der Eisendrache.

In addition to this training, players will find two different game modes that are designed to compete with other people over a network: “Duel”, where they can participate in both ranked and non-raking games and beyond ranking, and in the “Arena”, where a modest entrance fee is required.

The players receive packets of cards, and each of them will have their five matched and randomly divided into four classes: white (normal), blue (rare), purple (epic), or orange (legendary). Each packet will have at least 1 (or more) rare class card(s) (blue) and each of them may also be upgraded to the “golden” version. Packages may be earned if a player wins the battle but they can also purchase them for real money.

The Graphic Design od Hearthstone is functional and colorful and includes basic animations. The images of heroes and characters on the cards resemble those known from other games from the world of Warcraft. This is really a great alternative option for gaming during the holidays.

Do you feel Hearthstone is too difficult? Have many players bought card packs and use great cards so you there is no chance to win? Training with a computer became boring? You have just found the solution – Hearthstone Tools. If you still find it difficult, try what’s happening with the Minecraft cult that’s still going on.

Many of the players think that Hearthstone is known as “pay2win” game, this is partly true. Partly, because you can buy packs for real money and you can also use Hearthstone Tools, which is a freeware tool and play with challenging players without fewer troubles.

However, every time remember to use Hearthstone Tools intelligently – don’t buy everything at once, don’t level up all your characters to the maximal level. It’s recommended to use the Tool confidentially.

Last but not least – using Hearthstone Tools is a kind of cheating. If you want to play fair to other players – don’t use it! Have fun playing based on your own skills – it’s the most important issue of Hearthstone (isn’t it a logical game?). Don’t think small, just see the bigger picture, and you’ll get the hang of it.

Before using Hearthstone Tools, please, read about it in the Tool section. For more details watch video tutorials on each subpage of the tool. You can also use the contact form to send emails with specific questions. Check out also this post with 24 video gaming facts.

About tools and Hearthstone hack

You can find here four tools, which help you play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Many of the players say that this game is “pay2win”, which means that to become challenging for other players you have to spend money. The tool was made precisely for this reason. Thanks to Hearthstone hack, players who don’t want to spend money for a game can still be decent players with cards which allows them to beat opponents easier than before.

As you see there is no “Gold” or “Dust” generator. There is a reason. Hearthstone developers could spy on their players and if they will recognize that some player has a huge amount of gold or dust he can get banned. Tools/hacks from here are more secure – anyway – every user of those cheats must use common sense. It’s not recommended to buy large amounts of Expert Packs or Level Up characters to the maximum level in first use. Tools do not have protection from these activities, so you must use them with caution.

However, frequent updates made for Hearthstone hack give decent security for hack’s users. That is why before every use of tool application is searching if there is any security update available to download. In most cases, Hearthstone Tool won’t run a hack in not-updated versions. Keep in mind that you need to update the tool before use.

Time for a few theoretical issues now. Hearthstone hack application, same as every update installer is thoroughly tested by antivirus. Had not previously been found any kind of problems. However, some programs don’t tolerate applications as cheats/hacks. To use Tool without any problems you can add to exceptions HearthstoneTool.exe with updated installers. Please, report this by using the contact form for any dangerous issue caused by Tool.

…and last but not least. Hearthstone hack is a completely freeware application. Just click “Download” and the program will be directly downloading from the server. However, hackers and programmers are also living people! so our team would appreciate any kind of support. If you feel indebted you can donate this project any time, contact us for more details!