What does Repository mean?

A repository is a place where things can be placed for safekeeping. It can be a secret corner, a container, a building, or a store where specified items are kept. Understanding English Grammar is key if you want to be able to communicate properly and be successful at games.

So in a repository, things are stored for safekeeping, or where things are stored if there’s an ample supply of. It can also refer to a person that has lots of information about things or persons.

For example, a repository for weapons is a building where those weapons are being stored. And in an area where are enormous amounts of diamonds, you will usually find many repositories of diamonds.

And here’s also an example of a repository when referring to persons. Individuals who have extensive detailed information about their families’ histories are examples of repositories of information.

And Repositories of Void Bow Skull is about those locations where you can find lots of Void Bow Skull. Let’s take a closer look:

Repositories of Void Bow Skull locations

So you want to find the skulls. Well, the skulls are located in the following places:

  • On window ledges
  • On the Courtyard’s upper level, close to the Research Lab, the command center
  • On the wall close to Mule Kick
  • On the ledge close to Double Tap

You’ll probably have more trouble finding where the dragons are located and knowing where to go if you’ve taken these steps.

As you know, the bow is a limited weapon in a way that each shot is consuming arrows. Bur, of course, you start off with 60 arrows and that’s pretty good for the Wonder Weapon, right?

You have two ways to attack. If you press R2 quickly, that’s a regular fire attack, and if you hold R2 down, there’ll be a charged attack which is, of course, more powerful but will consume more arrows.

Players have the option to upgrade the bow to different forms (e.g. ice, electric) if they complete a series of tough quests. All quests require players to complete some tasks by using the bow, for example, setting a distant object on fire. This process is similar to how the Staff upgrade process works in Origins.

BO3 Void Bow – Der Eisendrache Skull Bow Guide

1. First, you’ll have to build the “Wrath of the Ancients” bow.

Your first location is the Control Room. Go straight to the back and by the time you’ve killed the zombie near the statue, you’ll have to make your second kill. The dragon will then suck up the dead body and eat it.

Once you’ve completed this, the dragon head gets back to stone and will break up. This step is the same at the 2nd and 3rd locations. You better wait until the dragon has swallowed the zombie before making your second kill.

Your second location is at the Lower Courtyard, after Double Tap, and next to where the mystery box is.

Your third location is the Basement, next to where the pyramid is located.

Upon completing all these three dragons, there will be a rewarding word by one of the characters means you have complete the three tasks. To get your Bow, you must go to the Altar. This altar is located on the second lower basement where you’ll find the Wrath of the Ancients Bow behind it.

Please note that you can do these three tasks in any order.

2. Second, you’ll have to go near the Double Yap and look up to the ceiling where you’ll see a mark. Use your bow to shoot at it and the first part of the mark will dropdown.

3. Third, if you have that part, go under the tower to the Trophy Room where you’ll see a glowing purple mark on the floor. To break the glowing purple mark, you’ll have to kill the zombie that stands on the tile. When you’ve done that correctly, the floor will break open if you press the action button. You’ll see a lantern coming out that floats in mid-air.

4. Fourth, you’ll have to find the Six Skulls. For this, there are six different locations that you can select in any order. The first location is near the mule, next to the broken wall. Here, you’ll see a dead zombie on the table close to the wall). The second location is next to the Double Tap. This is on the wall, on the corner.

The Third location is in Samantha’s Room, inside the toy chest. The Fourth location is on the Upper Courtyard’s 2nd level, at your right-hand side on the window, right before you’ve reached the door. The fifth location is in the Teleporter Room on your right, on the sink. The sixth location is the area of the launch pad, in the back place of the truck.

5. Fifth, you’ll have to make six crawlers and once you’ve done that, you’ll have to bring these to the Trophy Room. Once you’ve brought these six crawlers inside, skulls kill them and you’ll hear a voice say “Door, Horn, etc… Then, you’ll have to acquire three symbols. These symbols will drop at random while killing zombies.

By the time you’ve collected these symbols, head over to the Control Room where you’ll see six knights placed between the Control Room and the Power Room. Below these six knights, there’s an image that represents the quote that was given a while ago. Press the action button to reveal the code that you’ll need later.

Then, head back to the Trophy Room and shoot the symbols on the room’s floor with your bow. Once you’ve completed this task correctly, you can acquire your Reforged Arrow by pressing the action button right on that purple mist. You can always go back again to the last given quote if you shoot the lantern. The codes are given at random and change with each game.

6. Last, you’ll have to bring your Reforged Arrow to the basement and put it on the box representing your arrow. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to kill 10 to 25 zombies. Then, place your bow onto the box and then, you’ll have an upgraded skull or a purple bow, whichever you wish to call it.

Dragon Locations

Dragon 1 – The first dragon can be found in the Courtyard. Here are the steps to reach this location:

  1. You need to buy your way to get through a door on your right-hand side
  2. Then, you’ll have to open the gate that leads to the castle’s courtyard
  3. Now, you’ll have to walk all the way up to the courtyard’s top
  4. Here, you’ll find the dragon on the left-hand side

Dragon 2 – You can find the second dragon inside the area of the research lab. This is the area where you see the yellow technical equipment. You can get there if you take the opposite route from spawn or if you continue from the Power Switch location. Follow these steps:

Opposite route from spawn

  1. You’ll have to go up the stairs (up to the 2nd level)
  2. Then, open the gate that leads down the tunnel, close to Quick Revive
  3. Go into the tunnel and at the top, open the gate
  4. Then, you have to walk across the open area and take the stairs upward
  5. You’ll have to open the research lab’s door
  6. Then, go down the flight of stairs and look around around
  7. You’ll find the dragon on the research lab’s far wall

From the Power Switch location

  1. Behind the Power Switch, go outside where the Death Ray Trap and the second PaP teleporter are
  2. Then, take the stairs down
  3. Enter through the research lab’s door

Dragon 3 – The third dragon is located in the Pyramid Room. You can reach this area in two ways. Here are your options:

From the research lab location

  1. In the lab, go to the perk machine
  2. Next to the perk machine, take the tunnel leading downstairs
  3. Just follow the route which will take you to the Pyramid Room

From the spawn point

  1. First, open the door on your right-hand side
  2. Then open the gate onto the courtyard
  3. Then, just walk to the location of the dragon
  4. Below the dragon, there’s a locked door that leads (down) to the Pyramid Room (first, you’ll have to turn on the power!)