Why I said goodbye to my Nintendo consoles

I am the last to say that I don’t love Nintendo’s IPs. Bowser, Link, Mario, and all Nintendo’s great characters have brought me countless hours of fun over my gaming life. With that said though, something has felt off this generation of consoles and it has led me to sell both my Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Let’s jump and take a look as to why I said goodbye to my Nintendo consoles.

Like I said before, I really enjoy Nintendo and am thankful to the folks there for the games they have created for us. The big games of this generation, at least for the Wii U, were obviously Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. They were the only two titles that I kept for the console because they were the only ones that really sunk their teeth into me.

The problem with these games for me was that when I was away from them, I never got the urge to go and play them. When titles like Bloodborne, The Last of Us Remastered, and NBA 2K15 were screaming for me to jump back in and experience them some more, MK8 and SSB were just sitting there waiting for me to pick them back up.

I found myself only going back to my Wii U once a month and, at the very worst, only once every two months. For me, although I enjoyed my time with Mario Kart and Smash Bros, nothing about them called me back into the universe or had my mind racing about when I could go back and play them again.

Now I know there are people who absolutely adore these games and will call me a Nintendo hater, but I don’t want this to come off as me hating the Big N. I really do enjoy their titles, but I couldn’t justify a console sitting around, only to be played once a month at the most.

I wanted to move it to a home where it would be used more frequently and gotten the right amount of love, something it didn’t get with me.

The same went for my 3DS XL. I just never got the urge to play it and the games that were coming out for it just didn’t rustle my feathers enough for me to keep it. On the other hand, my PS4 and my PS Vita were dragging me in with new games (on the PS4 at least) and 2-4 a month through the PlayStation Plus program.

Like I said earlier, I don’t hate Nintendo, but I just couldn’t justify keeping these consoles around without playing them. Check out as well this post on which game has ever left you with awe.