Isn’t it time for new music games?

We all know about the music game craze that hit when Guitar Hero and Rock Band swept the world. It seemed like every console had those two titles spinning inside of them at all times and there were even parties that were held exclusively to play them with friends. But isn’t it time for new music games?

Too much of a good thing is always bad and the same happened here. Oversaturation killed the industry and only recently has new signs of life started to show. The question is, are you ready to play them?

Just like millions of other gamers, I was completely swept up in the music game craze. I was in LOVE with the genre and I barely played any other titles. I loved the music, I loved the instruments, and most of all I loved the bonding that it created. It honestly seemed like nothing could stop the music game craze.

Game after game came out and eventually, the games got worse and stale. My love had waned and so did the parties and they want to download more DLC songs. Simply put, I was over my music game loving “addiction”. The trend eventually died out and for a while, we heard nothing from either of the IP’s.

Years later we now have word that Guitar Hero and Rock Band have plans to release new titles for each of their series. The gaming crowd is divided on this matter and I have to say that I fall on the side of not really caring. This doesn’t bring any awe.

Although I will forever hold a special spot in my heart for these games, hell they got me to pick up the real guitar and learn it, I have just moved on from wanting my room and apartment crowded with plastic instruments.

I’m not saying that I want these games not to exist, but I am worried that having both of these titles out in the public may start to hint to that previous oversaturation that we previously encountered. I fear even more that if these two games take off, neither developer will have the self-control to not go and create a plethora of new titles and flood the market again. If that happens, I don’t think we will see music games for another decade. Read also this interesting interview with IGE president Steve Salyer about the secondary gaming market’s outlook.

I don’t hope these games fail either. I already said goodbye to my Nintendo consoles and I know there are many people that adore the genre and are ecstatic for the games to hit retail shelves. For them, I hope these games are amazing and that the developers can contain their want to overpopulate the game space.
The future isn’t clear for the music game genre, but I do have one question for you the reader. Are you ready for new music games? Let us know int he comments!