The Best 5 Simulation Games

Want to know what we think are the best 5 Simulation Games of all time? Well, you certainly came to the right place, these are in no particular order and are just the ones we enjoyed the most though we are aware that this just our humble personal opinion.

1) The Sims 4

The Sims is a life simulation game where you can create a character, families, build homes, neighborhoods etc and live out life in a game form. You can get jobs, get married, raise children, buy homes, decorate homes, go out, meet other sims and basically everything you can do in real life.. just in a game.

The Sims is a game that offers endless hours of entertainment and with the ever-growing expansion packs, more just keeps getting added to the game and we will be honest, playing this game is rather addicting!

2) Euro Truck Simulator

In Euro Truck is a game where you can drive all across Europe while visiting the fantastic cities or picking up, dropping off, or delivering a variety of cargo.

I know this one doesn’t sound all too good and rather boring from the name but Euro Truck Simulator is actually a pretty fun and rather relaxing game, I don’t know there is just something rather captivating about driving a simulated truck around making deliveries across Europe, or is that just me? Okay, it’s just me that thinks that haha or maybe my true calling is a truck driver? we will never know lol. You may well be the next candidate for an exciting experience in the gaming world. Developers are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest candidates.

3) Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator allows you to fly different planes and fly to and from different cities, its good for the casual gamer or someone who is a veteran of simulator games.

I think the reason I enjoy this game so much is, I love to fly and I can’t do it so much so I think that’s probably why I like this simulation game as much. You may also enjoy looking at this post about our five favorite free mobile games, and though surely not as spectacular as these simulation games, they’re definitely highly entertaining!

4) Surgeon Simulator

It’s exactly as it says, it’s a surgery simulator but it won’t teach you much in the way of how to perform surgery it’s more just a fun (and pretty funny) game with the way the mechanics work and how you have to use different buttons to control the hand while performing the surgery.

You can perform multiple different surgeries including, heart surgery and in different locations including an ambulance where all the instruments bounce around and in space where you perform surgery in a zero-gravity environment. If you want to know how to best set up your dual monitor computer desk, take a look at this interesting post.

5) ARMA 3

ARMA 3 is an open world war simulator which actually tries and does well to have realism, unlike other games that claim to be realistic war simulators (cough… Call of Duty…cough)

There is a single player campaign but its really in multiplayer where the best and true parts of the game are, under fire from different players, trying to fly helicopters and the gameplay is fantastic, I highly recommend this one!

Honorable mentions are also in place for Train Sim (2016), Football manager, Sim City 4, and Cities in motion 2. Are there any more games you think deserve to be on this list? Please inform us.