Has any game ever left you in awe?

Video games have always been special to me. The way they come at you visually, in an audio sense, and in a tactile way through controller vibrations as well. These are all ways that a game can give us an experience like none other and leave us wanting more. My question to you is simple. Has any game ever left you in awe? I’ll share a few of mine.

The most memorable moment that a video game really got to me was when I was playing Skyrim a few years back. Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with what Skyrim brought to the table and I played well over 500 hours of it.

I was exploring and climbing mountains one day and I reached the top of a mountain. As I looked over the sunrise-lit landscape, Jeremy Soule’s ‘Far Horizons” hit a beautiful stretch (around the 1:00 mark of that, when combined with the visuals, sent chills down my spine and a smile to my face.

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The best console is that one your friends have

The age-old battlefield that millions of gamers have died on; the console war. Which console is better? Which one is right for you? What console will you have more fun with? These are all questions that gamers have been fighting over for years now and I have a simple answer that many would agree with. Simply go where your friends are. As with the grass that’s always greener on the other side, the best console is that one your friends have.

I know that when you talk about power, the PlayStation 4 is slightly stronger, but I will debate till the lose my voice that if your group of friends is all o the Xbox One, it is a smart investment to go and buy the Xbox.

In an age where multiplayer is so strongly pushed, it just makes sense to have the same box as your buddies. The worst thing in the world is to be playing Destiny, GTA Online, or some other multiplayer game by yourself and look to see that all of your pals are playing on a different platform.

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interview with IGE President, Steve Salyer

This is an exclusive interview with IGE’s President, Steve Salyer. This revealing interview covers questions from the gamer’s perspective of EULA’s, their efforts to work with game publishers, and the future of the secondary market.

The selling and buying of items in gaming is a hot controversial topic these days. There is an abundance of information out there discussing the cons of such services, and numerous message boards topics speculating on the subject.

I’ll let you judge for yourself, but this interview should prove to be informative to hear from one of the leading multi-million dollar companies in the secondary market for MMORPG virtual property on their views and reason for dominating the marketplace.

Q. Please explain more about the secondary market.

A: Currently, millions of MMORPG gamers around the globe are directly involved in trading, buying and selling virtual items using real currency in real markets. Items bought, sold and traded include gold or other forms of virtual currency, items such as weapons and armor and even entire accounts. IGE is the leader in providing gamers with a market to facilitate their transactions.

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